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HomeStyle® Mortgages for Real Estate Professionals

HomeStyle Energy Mortgage

Help your clients get a comfortable, efficient, and resilient home within their budget.

Fannie Mae's HomeStyle Energy mortgage helps keep homeownership affordable and sustainable. Buyers are now able to improve the efficiency and resiliency of a home they're looking to purchase—through updating energy and water systems, installing new doors and windows, and making other improvements.

HomeStyle Energy can be used for:

  • Installing new efficient water systems and alternative energy sources (such as solar or geothermal)
  • Replacing windows and doors for better insulation and comfort
  • Radon remediation
  • Repairs to make a home more resilient to natural disasters, like installing storm surge barriers and retaining walls, foundation retrofitting, and removing harmful brush or trees from fire zones
  • Other updates or repairs (verify details with your lender partners)

Talk to your lender partners

Reach out to your lender partners to find out if they offer HomeStyle Energy mortgages. Any lender can offer HomeStyle Energy as an option and benefit from a credit when delivering the loan to Fannie Mae. No special approvals are required.

Buyer Benefits


Your clients can finance efficiency improvement projects up to 15% of the as-completed appraised value of a home, and it's available nationwide.


Updated utilities result in lower costs in the future. Borrowers may be eligible for possible tax credits/rebates and can take advantage of today's competitive mortgage rates, which may be lower than other financing options.


Basic weatherization, water system, renewable energy and resiliency improvements (up to $3,500) do not require an energy report for program eligibility.

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Key product features

Maximum LTV (1-unit owner‑occupied)

Up to 97%

(See Fannie Mae’s Eligibility Matrix for specific details based on the loan transaction)

Financing energy-related improvements

Up to 15% of as-completed appraised property value

Occupancy and property eligibility

All one- to four-unit existing properties

Manufactured housing, provided no structural changes

All occupancy types permitted

Covers improvements to the home’s resiliency to natural disasters

Upgrades include:

  • Storm surge barriers
  • Foundation retrofitting for earthquakes
  • Hazardous brush and tree removal in fire zones
  • Retaining walls to address mud or water flows
Radon remediation

Covers installation, no energy report required

Energy report waivers available

No energy report required for:

  • Basic weatherization and water efficient items up to $3,500
  • Water efficiency devices
  • Renewable energy sources including solar panels, wind power devices, geothermal systems
  • Environmental hazard damage repairs or resiliency improvements
Can be used to pay off other energy-related financing

Entire PACE lien amounts (with purchase or refinance)

Financing for prior energy-related improvements: Up to 15% of property value (with refinance)

Bundle mortgage products for more flexibility and savings

Both HomeStyle Renovation and HomeStyle Energy mortgages may be combined with a HomeReady mortgage, so your low-income borrowers can take advantage of the following features:

  • Better pricing
  • Cancellable mortgage insurance (restrictions apply)
  • Low down payment and flexible sources of down payment, which allows funds to come from gifts, grants, and down payment assistance programs
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